General Questions

Do you provide for vegetarians?
Yes, our vegetarian option ensures that we can cater to your preferences.
How does Culinary Carton work?
Each week we deliver you fresh ingredients, perfectly portioned and prepared by our teams of chefs, with easy to follow recipe cards. The idea behind Culinary Carton is taking the hassle out of selecting meals, buying ingredients and spending hours slaving away in the kitchen. With our exciting recipes and convenient delivery we make delicious meals easy to achieve in no time.
How long do the ingredients stay fresh for?

We recommend that you eat any fish within the first 1-2 days, and any remaining meat and poultry dishes within 4-6 days of receiving them. While out vegetarian dishes can be kept for up to a week, we suggest consuming them within this time period to ensure freshness is maintained.

How often do your recipes change?
With our team of chefs designing exciting recipes each week, you’ll see a new recipe each day of the year if you’re dining with our weekly carton. If you’re on our vegetarian box we have 60 recipes each year.
What benefit does Culinary Carton provide over me simply going to the supermarket?
Our team of chefs designs delicious recipes each week and sources fresh, seasonal produce of a quality that you wouldn’t normally find at the supermarket. By using Culinary Carton you will create amazing meals in a fraction of the time and effort that you would be used to. And with new recipes each week, you’ll break the old habits of having the same old meals every day.
What comes in a Culinary Carton delivery?

Within each of our cartons you will find all the ingredients needed to create your weekly meals as well as step-by-step recipe cards. All your ingredients are stored in specially designed cool boxes, so that everything remains fresh, even if you’re not home when it’s delivered.

What cooking utensils am I expected to have?
We have written our menus based on the assumption that the average household will have three saucepans, a frypan and an oven.
What happens if I’m missing an ingredient?

We hope this never occurs but if it does,  email the team at so we can sort out what has happened!

What if my credit card has been charged twice?

Your card may have been charged twice if you cancelled your subscription and reactivated in a week where you had already purchased an item. If this happens, or if you feel like you have been charged twice for any other reason, just send us an email at and we will refund the full amount. 

What ingredients do I have to have in my pantry?

When using our service, we assume you have nothing but salt, pepper and olive oil. This means you’re not expected to have odd items in the pantry that you may only use once or twice in a year (saving you space and money!).


Do I have to order for a minimum length of time?

No! The benefit of Culinary Carton is that you can sign up for a week or a year! There’s no commitment, which means you can opt out at any time to suit your lifestyle.

Does my subscription automatically rollover?

Yes, our service means that each week you will automatically be sent a new carton until you opt-out of the subscription. If you’re only interested in trying out our product once, there’s an option to have a one-week trial option to see how much you enjoy it!

How can I cancel my subscription?

The process for cancelling your subscription can be done through the ‘my account’ login page. Simply access the ‘my account’ page where you should see the option to ‘cancel’ your subscription. If you have any trouble accessing the page or need a hand with the process, simply contact us at

How do I make changes to my Carton or switch to another carton?
In order to change your subscription, login to the ‘my account’ page on the top right corner of the website. From here you will see the option to ‘switch subscriptions’. Once selected, you will be able to go back to the menu page and choose a new carton!
How do I skip a week or hold any orders in the future?
In order to place your subscription on temporary hold, you’ll need to log into the ‘my account’ page. From here, you simply select the ‘suspend’ option featured next to your order which means you won’t be charged for the upcoming week. Once you’re ready to accept delivery again, simply hit the ‘reactivate’ button!
What is the cut off date? How far in advance do I have to order for next week?
We ask that you inform our team by noon Thursday if you don’t want to proceed for the next week. If you inform us by this date, you will not be charged for the next week.

Recipes and ingredients

Are you suitable for a health conscious individual?

Absolutely! When creating all our meals we endeavour to use nutritious ingredients, with a typical meal containing between 600-900 calories. Our portion sizes are large enough to keep you full while not so excessive that you’ll wish you had been to the gym. So why not try us as a fresh and healthy alternative to regular dieting meals?


Can I see what’s on offer next week?

All our meals can be viewed one week in advance. Either view what’s on offer from the menu above or sign up to our weekly email so you can see what exciting new recipes are being delivered next week.


What happens if I have a food allergy?

While we endeavour to cater for every eater, we are unable to provide for all food allergies at this stage. However, this shouldn’t stop you from ordering a meal and leaving out any ingredients you are allergic to, should you wish to.

What happens if I lose my recipe card?

Do not fear! All our recipe cards are uploaded onto our website for your viewing and easy downloading. Simply head over to to view any of this week’s recipe cards.


How do I update my delivery details?

To update your address and contact details, simply log into the ‘my account’ page. From here, you are given the option to change your billing, or shipping address. If you’d prefer us to do it manually for you, simply shoot through an email to and we will sort it out.

How long can my food remain fresh for while it is outside?

All our food is contained in especially designed cool boxes which will safely store food outside for up to ten (10) hours. If you think you will take longer, we would recommend you organise a neighbour to take it inside until you’re home.

What areas do you deliver to?

Currently we only deliver to Melbourne, however we are looking to expand to other areas if there is the demand! To see if we deliver to your area, enter your postcode in the delivery section, on our how it works page If we don\'t deliver to your area yet, stir up some interest in your local neighbourhood – the more interest, the faster we will come!

What happens if I don’t receive my box?

We hope this never happens but in the unlikely event that this occurs, email us at so we can try and figure out what’s happened!

What happens to the packaging?

By leaving your box outside for collection when your next order comes through, we are able to recycle any packaging. Alternatively, you can simply dispose of it by doing your bit for the environment and placing it in your own recycling bin.

What if no one is home when the delivery arrives?

By giving us authorisation, we can follow your instructions and deliver your carton even when you’re not home to pick it up. The food is contained in our own cool box, which allows it to stay fresh while remaining outside.

When will my delivery arrive?

Our convenient delivery service ensures that you will receive all your items on Tuesday between 1-6 pm. At this stage, we cannot not offer more precise windows for delivery, however, if you contact us on the day, we will be able to provide you with a more accurate indication of the time of arrival.

Why do you deliver only on Tuesday?

By delivering on Tuesday, we ensure that your produce is the freshest it can be!

The reason we deliver on Tuesday not Monday is there is no market for fresh produce on Sunday, and we do not believe in serving food that is not fresh. We receive all produce on Mondays, then our team of chefs sets about preparing the food for delivery the next day.